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Computer and laptop rentals

The needs of businesses, individuals, institutions and schools are very different. We try to listen to every wish, so we have introduced a favourable computer and laptop rental system!

It has likely happened at your company that you required an additional computer, laptop or even multiple pieces of computer equipment for the needs of an event. One such event where that extra piece of technology would be very welcome is, for example, a presentation at a fair. At such events you can liven up the place with only a couple of extra computers and monitors. The same goes for companies’ Doors Open Days or some other events.


Is there a person in an internship or doing temporary work at the company who needs another computer, but there is currently no need to invest into new equipment? This can also be a reason to temporarily rent a computer, then decide on an investment later.


You can rent one or more excellent quality computers, laptops and monitors of recognised brands. The computers have an installed system that you can freely customise according to your needs.




Computer rental€10/ day
Laptop rental
€14/ day
Set rental (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse)€19/ day
All prices are without VAT. The general rental terms are located here. For longer leases, the price is lower and determined individually based on the specifications of the rented equipment.