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The customers speak

SANDRA, physical customer I ordered my laptop yesterday and already got it today. I’m thrilled with the responsiveness and speed. I had a little trouble at the startup because the language was set to German, which I’m not used to. I called the company and was pleasantly surprised at the response. Tomi gave me some tips for the setup. Since I’m not used to Windows 10, I didn’t do very well, so Tomi arranged everything for me through remote access. I recommend shopping at PoceniPC to everyone. The laptop looks as good as new, works perfectly and shows no signs of any previous use. It even has Windows already installed so there’s no need to buy it separately. What’s especially good is the price :) An excellent company in all respects, and so far an excellent purchase.
SILVA POŽLEP multimedia engineer, Multimedia Education Society, Notranje Gorice I am immensely pleased with your company. The service technician was kind, professional and quick. Way to go! I’m happy to recommend you on our social networks.
KRISTINA, physical customer Even though I needed a (relatively) fast computer for business and everyday use, I decided to buy a second-hand laptop for EUR 350. After professional consulting with the advisers who absolutely guaranteed that it would serve its purpose and my demands perfectly despite “the years”. I’m not replacing it yet – it still works without any problems after being in use for one year. Thank you, PoceniPC.
MARKO, Hit d.d. At our company we are always on the lookout for rational solutions. We have estimated that some worn-out computers which are slightly less burdened can easily be replaced with second-hand computers sold by PoceniPC. This proved to be the right decision as these computers are still in rather good condition. You can get a solid computer for little money, together with the Windows licence and warranty.


We are proud of the quality of our products, fast delivery and reliable service and support while recording less than one percent of warranty repairs.

We guarantee professional implementation of services and a warranty for all products. We are already trusted by more than 20,000 loyal customers.

  • This is a type of hard disk connection that uses a PCI Express bus to connect to the processor. This kind of connection is much faster than the SATA bus connection used by conventional hard drives or solid state drives. In addition to having a fast transfer rate, NVMe also enables parallel data transfer, pending transfer management and performance monitoring.

    NVMe has already become the new standard for more demanding users, especially for business users

  • Decide to purchase used or factory-refurbished computer equipment!

  • What to consider when buying a computer or laptop