Our company’s packages are contractually delivered by the Post of Slovenia (we reserve the right to choose a different delivery service if this enables a more efficient fulfilment of the order). Your order will be at your door tomorrow!

Delivery costs

The packaging and delivery costs for all areas in Europe Union is uniform and amounts to € 10. There is no postage charge for orders above € 1000.

Delivery time

The delivery time assured by the Post of Slovenia is 1–3 working days. In 99% of cases, the package will be at your door the following working day. The Post of Slovenia takes full responsibility for any potential delays due to unforeseen traffic or logistic problems. Items in stock are generally dispatched the same day as receiving the order or the following working day if the order was received outside working hours. In almost all cases you’ll get your items one day after the package has been dispatched.

If the item is not in stock at our warehouse, you’ll have to wait a little longer. In this case, keep in mind the following rules:

  • the delivery time is indicated next to the item (this is the average time in which the importer delivers the items to us);
  • if it says that the item is unavailable, that means we don’t have the information on how fast the item can be delivered;
  • if you nevertheless order such an item, we’ll try to find it and deliver it to you, but if we don’t succeed, we’ll cancel the order.
  • if you order multiple items and the waiting time for some items is longer than for others, we’ll try to ship the items in stock immediately and the rest as they become available; in this case, we’ll charge the potential delivery costs only for the first package, and the costs of later shipments will be covered by us;
  • if the waiting time is very long, we’ll keep you informed via e-mail about up-to-date information on the estimated delivery time;
  • if you get tired of waiting in the meantime, you can always message us and we’ll remove the item from your order. We’ll deliver the remaining items or cancel the order.

Orders placed by 16:00 will be processed the same day, and later orders the following working day. The warehouse operates according to the same schedule as the store.

Important notices

If you wish to receive your order in the shortest time possible, we advise you to comply with the following instructions:

  • provide delivery information where someone is always available to pick up the package,
  • if you’re away from home, you can pick up the package at your nearest post office.
  • be ready to pay the exact amount for the redemption because the courier accepts only exact amounts.