About the products

The online store is divided into several item categories. All categories apart from the refurbished computer equipment contain new items. Even though the same general terms and conditions apply to all items at OutletClick store, there is more to be said about the item category of refurbished and Renew computer equipment.

Refurbished computer equipment

These are items that have already been in use. All products have been carefully cleaned and tested. We test the computer equipment again before dispatching it from our warehouse so that our customers really get what they paid for. Minor scratches on the housing of computers, laptops or monitors are to be expected, but the device will still be fully functional.

Warranty on refurbished computer equipment

The warranty on refurbished computer equipment is 12 months, unless stated otherwise. The warranty covers neither damage that occur from falls and impacts nor defects that arise because of an electrical overload (lightning etc.). The batteries have a warranty of 12 months; it guarantees the operating time of 45 minutes.

Renew computer equipment

In the world of computer science, prices, models and configurations of computer equipment are changing rapidly. The largest manufacturers (HP, Sony, Toshiba, ...) produce substantial quantities of the same products. After one month or more, they produce new models and remove the older models from the store. A certain number of computers that were replaced by newer, more expensive models, appear on the market. Renew computer items are for the most part items in stock that haven’t been sold, computer fair items and items with minor visual flaws, but they are always unused items.

Installed programs on Renew computer equipment

The operating system is always in a foreign language, and the language depends on the item’s country of origin. The drivers are not always included, so consult the seller about them before purchase. The language of the operating system can be: it-Italian, fr-French, de-German, es-Spanish, pt-Portuguese, uk-English, se-Swedish, nl-Dutch.

Keyboard layout

Second-hand and Renew computer equipment Wherever the layout of characters differs significantly from the English layout, labels with the English layout are included with the keyboard.

Products in general

Just a few reasons why shopping for refurbished and second-hand IT equipment really pays off:

    • The price
      Quality refurbished computer equipment is much cheaper than new equipment. The vast majority of refurbished equipment appears on the market only due to contracts that bind companies to replace the equipment. An ever more frequent reason for such low prices are also the harsh economic conditions that force companies to sell IT equipment. Some end up on the market of refurbished equipment due to minor malfunctions which are later repaired at the specialised repair service centre, and the product can then be put on the market once again.

    • Comparable system performance
      It is entirely possible to achieve the desired performance with refurbished IT equipment. Look at this from a different angle – some companies need the best high performance equipment, which quickly becomes too slow for their requirements. IT equipment of this kind is more than suitable for easier use and often outweighs its price.

    • Reliability
      When purchasing refurbished computers or laptops from manufacturers such as Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Dell, it is more than clear that product quality comes first. A refurbished HP computer is therefore much more reliable than other computers without a name.