5 tips for buying a computer or laptop


Do you need a computer or laptop? Choosing between a new and second-hand computer? Looking for information about the advantages and disadvantages of buying one or the other? We have gathered 5 tips for you that will help you immensely when selecting the right computer or laptop for yourself.

1. Compare the price. Does a higher price really mean better quality?

In the vast majority of cases, a higher price does actually mean better quality. But we need to ask ourselves if we really need a new computer or laptop of a higher price range. Many people need a computer for personal use only, such as browsing the internet, sending e-mails and for fun and leisure. For such use, people too often buy too powerful laptops and computers, paying for significantly more than they actually need. Let’s take a look at an everyday example for easier reference. We don’t need an off-road vehicle or a 320-horsepower engine to drive around the city, but a comfortable and small car for little money. In short, if we need a computer or laptop merely for browsing the internet and office tasks, a second-hand computer is quite sufficient since it will serve you as good as a new and much too expensive computer would. If, however, you are one of the more demanding users, we recommend a computer or laptop from our programme of display items (Renew computer equipment). These are brand new computers and laptops that will satisfy even the most demanding computer users.

2. Make sure the second-hand computer has been cleaned and tested.

You’ve probably already bought a second-hand item through various web portals. The possibility of making a bad purchase is very high is this case, because the sellers are mostly physical persons, and they don’t really care much about the buyer. They are interested in one thing only – money. To us at PoceniPC.com, a satisfied customer means everything, that’s why we always clean and test our second-hand laptops and computers and thus give you a perfectly functional computer ready to be used immediately. We are proud to say that we record less than one percent of warranty repairs.

3. Operating system

All second-hand computers at PoceniPC come without an operating system. This way we give you the option to install an operating system of your choice and save some money. But if you’d rather leave the installing of the operating system and other free programs to our experts, you’ll only pay €30 extra. Among the diverse Renew computers we offer, you’ll also find those with an operating system already installed. If you need a computer or laptop for immediate use or if you intend to use it for business purposes, we absolutely recommend a computer with an installed operating system.

4. What’s the condition of the computers? Are they damaged?

With second-hand computer equipment, we need to make sure that there are no major consequences of use or non-functional keys (Enter, space ...), dead pixels on the monitor, poor battery performance (working less than an hour) ... At PoceniPC, you don’t have to worry about errors and damage to the computer, because they are inspected by the keen eyes of our experts. They only tolerate minor scratches that don’t have an effect on the computer’s performance. We should stress that second-hand computers and laptops have only been used in the offices of larger companies and are therefore in excellent condition.

You can be absolutely carefree about the condition of computers and laptops which used to be display items. These models are brand new and don’t show any signs of use.

5. It’s important to protect yourself when performing a purchase

When buying a computer or laptop, we must always pay attention to the warranty. Second-hand computers without a warranty present a great risk, because there’s no guarantee that the computer or laptop is truly in good condition. At PoceniPC.com, we offer you a 12-month warranty, but if it should turn out that the laptop or computer doesn’t meet your expectations, we also offer the option to return the product within 15 days of purchasing it.

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