Extending the warranty

Safe purchase with the extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1

Every product receives the classic warranty upon purchasing it. This is either a factory warranty on new or refurbished/Renew items or a warranty on second-hand computer equipment guaranteed by Insis d.o.o. We offer you the option of extending the classic warranty to a total of two years. During the period of extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1, the costs of spare parts and working hours for repairing the product are covered by our company, Insis d.o.o., upon submitting the original purchase receipt and warranty card.

ATTENTION – The extended warranty can only be purchased simultaneously with the product. Subsequent purchase is not possible.

Product categories from our programme for which you can purchase the extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1:

  • desktop computers
  • laptops
  • monitors
  • all second-hand computer equipment
The table (below) shows prices for the extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1 for all price levels and the period of two years.
Extended warranty - 1 PLUS 1
2 years Price in €
22% VAT
to 250.00 from
251.00 to
501.00 to
751.00 to
1001.00 to
1501.00 to
Premium class P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Price in €
incl. 22%









  • Extension of the warranty – 1 PLUS 1 refers to the condition of the product upon purchase.
  • For end users who put the product in use at different locations, the product with the extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1 is at all locations within EU and the geographical area of Europe.
  • When it comes to the extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1, it is assumed that the warranted products are appropriately secured for transfer or transport and that they are properly stored (in specially designed bags, protection etc.) according to their composition during transfer or transport. In case that the products are not properly stored, protected and secured during transfer or transport and damage etc. occurs, there is no coverage.
  • In damage occurs, other insurance is charged (if, for example, an apartment is insured and there is a fire, flood etc. that damages the computer or laptop in the apartment, the damages are covered out of that insurance).
  • The warranties of product manufacturers are considered to be primary warranties, and so are all the other guarantees or contractual obligations of third parties.
  • Extending the warranty – 1 PLUS 1 does not cover usage that is not dedicated and designated by the manufacturer, or is not specified in the rules for the application. This also applies to any damage that occurs due to misuse or unprofessional use.
  • Extending the warranty – 1 PLUS 1 does not cover damage that does not affect the performance of the product, as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Extending the warranty – 1 PLUS 1 also does not cover equipment which was purchased additionally.
  • Damage to software, operating system, drivers, utility programs and the like are not covered. Product owners or their representatives are responsible for the programs, drivers, databases and their functionality.
  • Extending the warranty – 1 PLUS 1 does not cover consumables, worn-out parts, remote controllers, accumulators, batteries, toners, fuses, ink, coils, bulbs and the like.
  • Modular products, keyboards, computer mice etc. are covered only if they were purchased together with the main product as a whole. Systems such as PCs, printers and scanners, which are characterised by our company under a single price, are considered to be a single product.
  • Damage that is reported, but cannot be proven, or the damaged product cannot be brought to us, is not covered.
  • Damage that occurs due to regular wear and use, and the gradual deterioration of the products’ operating quality is not covered by the extended warranty 1 PLUS 1.
  • Damage resulting from attempted repair or tampering of third parties without authorisation is not covered.
  • Damage that occurs from negligence or is caused by a third party is not covered.
  • Damage caused by a domestic or wild animal is not covered.
  • Damage that occurs due to consequences of an earthquake, war or terrorism is not covered.
  • Professionals who carry out works such as supply, installation, upgrade and similar are responsible for their work.
  • If the product under the manufacturer’s warranty is replaced during the period of the extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1, it is mandatory to submit the appropriate document which confirms the replacement when enforcing the obligations and compensations of the extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1. The extended warranty – 1 PLUS 1 is still valid in this case.
  • The premium class of a particular item to which it belongs (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 or P6) is determined on the basis of the item’s price.