Used computer equipment: How is it tested?

Used devices are gaining popularity as the media is generating increasing awareness. There are growing numbers of consumers— individuals, businesses, and institutions—expressing their willingness to purchase used devices, and resellers are using the opportunity to grow their business. But have you ever wondered how a used desktop or laptop is tested? What exactly happens in the testing process? Why should you trust a used device?

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Postopek testiranja


The first part of the testing process 

Iskanje naprav

Sourcing the devices

We buy our devices from different auction listings, where they are being sold by bigger companies that have to change their equipment because of leasing contracts.

Postopek čiščenja


Once the devices enter our facilities, they first go through a sanitization process. This involves removing stickers and cleaning the exteriors and panels. On the inside, high-pressure air removes the dust.



This is the process of sorting and grading the devices based on their physical condition. Some may look just as new; some may have some dents on their body. (We sort those as B grade.) More about our grading system can be found here.

The second part of the testing process

Pobrišemo vse obstoječe podatke na trdih diskih naprave.

Data Wipe

We make it mandatory to wipe out any existing data on the devices' hard disks. We ensure that no PC leaves our facility without the disks wiped clean.

Popravila, zamenjava in ponovna montaža

Repairs, replacement, and reassembly

We go through our devices thoroughly—that way we get to know the device's state. We replace missing or defective components; such parts may include RAM, hard disks, screens, keyboards... Once the device is ready, it goes through the testing and quality control process.

Testiranje in kontrola kakovosti

Testing and quality control

Our devices need to go through comprehensive testing. That way we ensure they are in good shape and ready to serve for the next five years. If problems arise during the testing process, we sort them out immediately. It's worth mentioning that all of the internal components (memory, disk drive, etc.) are tested with advanced software, while all of the external parts (keyboard, screen, touchpad) are tested manually by our experienced employees.

Zložimo jih na police, kjer čakajo, da jih v roke dobi kupec.

Stock the shelves

Finally, the devices reach the last step—we store them on shelves, where they wait for the next customer to purchase them.


Do used devices get your attention?

We can safely say that the purchase of a used device can be a great investment—we get to save money without compromising on quality or performance. But mostly, we get to contribute to a better tomorrow. That matters!


reuse • reduce • recycle



Naš sistem ocenjevanja


Our grading system is made to suit even the most demanding users. Grades include Outlet open-box devices and used devices (grades: A+, A, A- and B). There is something for you for sure!

Our grading system



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