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About the company

Insis d.o.o. has been engaged in internet sales since 2009. The team attentively takes care of its customers. We’re most pleased to see you happy, and we will continue to take care of the fastest delivery possible and provide quick answers to your questions.

Insis d.o.o.
Erjavčeva 18
5000 Nova Gorica

Our location: The easiest way to get to us is by following the motorway Razdrto–Vrtojba, where you take the Vogrsko exit and continue towards Nova Gorica. We’re situated in the very center of the city, next to the stadium.
You can also follow this link for help.

Mobile phone line: +386 41 938 792
Fixed phone line: +386 5 393 39 96
E-mail: sales@outletclick.com




Vat identification number: SI94654883
VAT taxpayer: YES
Registration number: 3552543000
The company is registered in the record of the district court of Nova Gorica
File number 2009/14394
Capital stock: €19,400.00
Transactional account: SI56 2900 0005 0413 958
Swift: BACXSI22
Bank address: UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d., Smartinska 140, SI-1000 Ljubljana

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Our key benefits

A wide range of products
Delivery all across Slovenia
Quality products at low prices

Meet our team

Tomi Curk
Computer Expert by profession, otherwise the CEO. Undertakes any kind of work, although he prefers not to pack orders and hold meetings.
Aleš Mavrič
Electronic engineer, also the second CEO and a service technician. A remarkably accurate man with a chronic shortage of time.
Boštjan Praček
An economist and the quickest computer service technician. Doesn’t like to speak much; everything he says almost always makes sense.
Blaž Šturm
Another economist and the best salesman. If he hasn't slept well, you better avoid him.
Nika Birsa
Si, pronto? Aha, party? Let me just send this offer and I will be on my way!
Luka Bragato
Extremely kind soccer player! Printers and computers are his things. He solves the problem before it even becomes one.
Urška Podgornik
She comes from the medical profession, a trained business secretary. She likes to sing to herself.
Elena Praček
Despacito – she studied Spanish. An excellent marketing professional with a broken thermostat.
Branislav Ćustić
He is the best DJ. Always ready for the action, mostly when it involves marketing!
Aleksandar Gadzhov
He is programming, packaging, servicing and designing. To top it off, he is still a student!
Nik Slejko
He is an electrical engineer who found himself in the IT community. He is not afraid of new challenges. He is, where the coffee is.
Luka Rovtar
If computers were human beings, they would talk to him with respect. He does his job with excellence.

The customers speak

SANDRA, physical customer  I ordered my laptop yesterday and already got it today. I’m thrilled with the responsiveness and speed. I had a little trouble at the startup because the language was set to German, which I’m not used to. I called the company and was pleasantly surprised at the response. Tomi gave me some tips for the setup. Since I’m not used to Windows 10, I didn’t do very well, so Tomi arranged everything for me through remote access. I recommend shopping at OutletClick.com to everyone. The laptop looks as good as new, works perfectly and shows no signs of any previous use. It even has Windows already installed so there’s no need to buy it separately. What’s especially good is the price :) An excellent company in all respects, and so far an excellent purchase.
SILVA POŽLEP, multimedia engineer, Multimedia Education Society, Notranje Gorice I am immensely pleased with your company. The service technician was kind, professional and quick. Way to go! I’m happy to recommend you on our social networks.
KRISTINA, physical customer Even though I needed a (relatively) fast computer for business and everyday use, I decided to buy a second-hand laptop for EUR 350. After professional consulting with the advisers who absolutely guaranteed that it would serve its purpose and my demands perfectly despite “the years”. I’m not replacing it yet – it still works without any problems after being in use for one year. Thank you, OutletClick.com.
MARKO, Hit d.d. At our company we are always on the lookout for rational solutions. We have estimated that some worn-out computers which are slightly less burdened can easily be replaced with second-hand computers sold by OutletClick.com. This proved to be the right decision as these computers are still in rather good condition. You can get a solid computer for little money, together with the Windows licence and warranty.