Second-hand computers or second-hand laptops? Why not!


Rabljeni računalniki, rabljeni prenosniki

The benefits of purchasing a second-hand computer or laptop

The second-hand computer equipment mostly comes from larger companies, which means that second-hand computers and second-hand laptops are business class. Items of this class consist of the highest quality materials, more durable batteries, better cooling system and more compact and solid casing. Such components significantly prolong the service life of a second-hand computer or laptop.

The age of second-hand computers or laptops that arrive at our store is 2–3 years. All second-hand equipment is carefully inspected and tested by our service technicians before it is put on sale. This ensures that your purchase is safe and guarantees that you’ll have a functional and ready-to-use computer in your hands. At PoceniPC, we additionally offer you a 12-month warranty with the option of extending in to 36 months. In case the product isn’t to your liking, we allow the option to return the product within 15 days of purchasing it

Buying from various websites where the sellers are physical persons does not guarantee you these benefits.

A common problem when purchasing second-hand laptops is battery life as the battery is often worn out. It’s important that the battery lasts at least over an hour in case we need to use the laptop in an area with no access to electrical power. Our second-hand laptops ensure battery life of up to 1.5 hours.

Second-hand computers come to our shelves cleaned, some with the operating system, others without. We are one of the few Microsoft agents in central Europe for installing the operating system on refurbished second-hand computers. As the company that carries the title of Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we guarantee you legal installation of the system according to all the standards of Microsoft, additional protection from viruses and unwanted programs, while also installing plenty of extra programs. We highly recommend installing the system, because only this way can we guarantee you carefree use of the product.


  • When buying a second-hand computer or laptop, pay special attention to the quality you’re buying. At PoceniPC we exclusively sell products of A quality, used by the larger foreign companies. Products of qualities B and C are cheaper, but of a significantly lower quality, which also shortens the computer’s service life.

  • Different computer models and brands are suitable for different users. It’s a good idea to think about why you need the computer, because it can also save you a lot of money. Our experts are always ready to give you professional advice when choosing a model that’s appropriate for you.

Do you really need a new computer?

At PoceniPC you get carefully preserved second-hand computers and laptops, which offer an excellent balance between quality and cost. These are business class computers and laptops of quality A, which not so long ago cost cca. €900. At PoceniPC we always make sure that the customers are happy with their purchase. This is also reflected in the statistics as we recorded less than one percent of claims in the last four years.