Used or factory-refurbished computer equipment? Why not!

It is true. Buying a new computer is a costly ordeal. There is, however, a way to get a powerful computer at a very affordable price. How? Decide to purchase used or factory-refurbished computer equipment!

We have prepared a detailed description of each category, providing all the desired information about the quality of our devices.


Used computer equipment

The vast majority of second-hand computer equipment appears on the market only because of the leasing contracts, which oblige companies to replace equipment after a certain period of time. At, we buy this equipment; we carefully clean it and check its operation. Such equipment is then ready for sale, and its impeccable operation is guaranteed with a one-year warranty, which can be extended to two years. We assign a quality/grade class to all used devices. 


As new 

Well-preserved used computer equipment, which is practically as new. No visible signs of use. These used computers, laptops, and business-quality monitors are extremely durable, powerful, and built from quality materials, which significantly prolongs their life.

A quality

Used computer equipment that works perfectly. Used computers, laptops and business quality monitors are, despite possible small scratches on the housing, extremely durable, powerful, and built of quality materials, which significantly prolong their service life.  

A- quality

Used computer equipment, where the use of the device is more noticeable than the equipment in the Grade A category. Laptops, computers, and monitors are still in very good condition. Slight wear and tear can be noticed on the keyboard or touch-pads of such devices. There might be few scratches on the housing, and minor cosmetic faults could also be present. These are still extremely durable, powerful devices built from superb materials, which significantly extend their life. Grade A- offers the same quality for less money, which definitely makes for a good purchase!

B quality

Used computer equipment that works perfectly and consists of second-hand computers, laptops, and business quality monitors that are an excellent choice for those who want to save some money at the expense of appearance. These include articles with various aesthetic faults that have no effect on the operation of the device. Flaws might include noticeable cosmetic faults, wear on keyboard or touch-pad, missing parts such as a damaged or broken part of the casing. We want to emphasize that these in no way affect the functionality of the device, and this is, therefore, a great opportunity to snatch a great deal!

A common problem when purchasing used equipment is durability of the battery, since it no longer holds a charge as it originally did. In the event that the laptop is used when there is no access to power, it is important that the battery lasts for at least a good hour. We test the batteries in our used laptops to ensure normal operation of the laptop, even without power supply. The batteries in these used laptops even have a six-month warranty!

An article that someone returns or does not need for some reason can still be a great choice for somebody else. Such products are very similar to the completely new ones and are the right solution for saving money and the planet!



Factory-refurbished computer equipment

Refurbished computer equipment, also called Outlet - Open Box, is comprised of computers and laptops that once were exhibits. Basically, these are unsold inventories, trade items, and articles with open packaging. They are unused devices that have a 20-30% lower price than the new products and have at least one-year factory warranty, which can be further extended. 

Outlet - Open Box (Refurbished / Renew) quality

Completely new, unused computer equipment, where signs of use are not visible. Because these are Open Box articles in very rare cases, very small scratches can appear on the casing. We record less than one percent of such cases. We recommend this kind of equipment for everyone. We have a widely varied selection of laptops, computers, and monitors, so everyone can find something for themselves.