What are cookies?

Guide to Cookies

In our online store, we use technologies such as cookies and local memory to make our site easier to use and to tailor our content even more to your level. The purpose of this guide is to make clear what cookies are, the purpose of using cookies and indicate the possibility of using or deleting them - if decide so decide.

What is a cookie?
Almost every site uses cookie technology. A cookie is a small file that saves Internet settings. It is transferred through the browser during the first visit to the site. The next time you return to the page via the same device, the browser can verify that a related cookie is present (that is, one containing the page name), and use the data from the cookie and send them back to the page. This allows websites to recognize that the user has previously visited them, and in some cases they adjust the displayed content. 

What are the advantages of cookies
Using the same device and browser, cookies are extremely useful, for example, they can remember your preferences, help us monitor how You use our pages, and make the displayed content more relevant to your interests and needs. We do not collect any cookies that we use on our sites, so you can personally identify them.

Below you will find a table listing of the main cookies that are used on our websites, explaining where they appear and what they are doing. 

Manage and delete cookies
To change how the browser uses cookies, including blocking or deleting cookies from our sites (or any other sites), you can do this by changing your browser settings. 

To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to either accept or reject all cookies, accept only a specific type of cookie, or warn you every time the page wants to store a cookie. It's also easy to delete the cookies your browser already stored on your device. 

The procedure for managing and deleting cookies varies according to the browser you are using. To find out how to do this with a specific browser, you can use the browser help function or visit the links below, which explains step by step how to manage or delete cookies in most browsers. 

How to disable cookies
Choose your browser

- CHROME (more..)

- FIREFOX (more..)


- OPERA (more..)

- SAFARI (more..)

1. Cookies that are being used on our website

Purpouse of use
When the browser is closed
These cookies provide all the features that our Magento Content Management System offers.


2. Cookies of the most common external websites / services (third-party cookies)

Up to 8 months
Up to 8 months
When the browser is closed
When the browser is closed
Youtube uses this cookie to store popular user preferences when viewing pages that contain video content.
2 years
30 minutes
When the browser is closed
6 months
The settings for these cookies allow you to see the site usage summary information in the Vimeo tool reports.
When the browser is closed
When the browser is closed
When the browser is closed
1 year
1 year
1 year
When the browser is closed
When the browser is closed
When the browser is closed
When the browser is closed
Company Insis d.o.o. uses the liking and sharing feature on Facebook on their websites, for which Insis d.o.o. inserts Facebook code into relevant sections and pages. When you mark a particular image or section like "I like" or "Share with others", sign in to Facebook and follow the Facebook Privacy Policy you findhere.