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Purchasing computers and laptops – old-for-new

Don’t throw away your old computer or laptop! We provide an old-for-new buyout system in three steps.

Save time and money while also keeping the beauty of nature! The best form of recycling is reuse. We are extremely thoughtful of the environment, so besides computers and laptops, you can also bring us other electronic waste such as batteries, headphones, power supply units etc. free of charge.

Odkup računalnikov in prenosnikov - staro za novo

1. Send us your specifications

You can send us your specifications by filling out the below form.
We’ll send you an e-mail with the buyout price and further information for sending us the device. If you agree with the price, deliver your device to us.

2. Send us your device

Carefully pack your device and hand it in at the nearest post office or bring it to our address at Insis d.o.o., Erjavčeva 18, 5000 Nova Gorica.
We allow you the option to send us the device at our own expense (on the shipping note, mark the PPN option – postage paid by addressee).

3. Receive the voucher

Our service technicians first check the condition and accuracy of previously received specifications of the device. We then send you a voucher at the buyout price value to you e-mail, which you can redeem at your next purchase.